Spice Up Your Talking Head Video

4 Neat Tricks to Spice Up Your Talking Head Video

Talking head videos are a really easy way to get your message across. Ever since youtube vlogging came along, they exploded in popularity. They’re quick and easy to make. And you jam-pack them with information.

Most people know the basics of making a passable talking head video. Clean audio. Clear voice. A general script of what you’ll say etc. But unfortunately, typical talking head videos have a tendency to be quite boring.

So without further adieu, here are 4 neat tricks to spice it up.


1) Use Different Camera Angles

Recording from several angles is a great way to get some variety in your video. There’s a reason we use the phrase ‘watching paint dry’ to describe boring things. That’s because we can’t see anything changing. So little angle variances can do a lot to keep your viewer watching. Granted, it’s not a ‘wow’ factor. But the effect is subconscious, and it will help people stay engaged till the end.

You may be thinking “I don’t have a multi-camera set-up. How do I record multiple angles?”

Simple. Pick 2 or 3 angles you like, and record the video separately for each angle. Then once you have your videos, just cut and collage different angles together so that it looks good.

2) Don’t Always Stand in the Middle of the Screen

This is another subtle way to bring variety into your video. When you step off to the either side a little, the outline of the screen changes. Novelty keeps the brain awake, so add this to your arsenal of your visual tricks.

NOTE: You don’t have to be flying around the screen like a teenage vlogger though - little movements are okay. It just needs to be noticeable to make a difference.

3) Use Text

Text is a great way to improve your chances of getting the message across. For example, let’s say your video is about how to make a good medium-rare steak. If the key takeaway is “Don’t Fry It For Too Long!” then don’t be afraid to stick that in as a subtitle! Accentuating things brings emotion. And emotion keeps viewers awake.

Another way you can use text is transcribing. Transcribe what you’re saying and upload subtitles as closed-captions to youtube. Viewers will like the option to read subtitles, especially if your native language isn’t english (or theirs). Subtitles also give the extra perk of higher SEO rankings in Youtube’s search engine! Double win!

4) Combine with Footage and Graphics

While words are a great way to tell a story, sometimes they’re less efficient than images. Ultimately, you’re still trying to make a talking head video. But you can really mix it up with animations and footage. Storytelling visuals will get people SEEING what you’re trying to convey. One advantage that video holds over other media, is that you can engage the sense of sight AND the sense of hearing. So why not make full use of the sense of both senses?

“But where do I get relevant Stock Footage and Animations? I don’t know how to animate things.”

Well, that’s where we come in. At Motion Graphic Stock we offer a library full of animations and custom footage you can use to make videos like the pros. Since the animations and footage are all pre-made, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping what you like into the video editor. The library is constantly expanding - which means that you always have access to fresh animations that look more original than your competition. Check us out at www.motiongraphicstock.com

So there you go. Four very simple ways you can make your talking head video stand out. Now go and create awesome videos of your own!


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